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Getting Your Film Made

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Once you have developed a script for a feature or short film then you will want to make it.

There are many legal and financial requirements for making a film, which can take a lot of work. Some hard work early on can save a lot of time and money in the future. We recommend you read our guidelines for Feature Film Development and Feature Film Financing very carefully before applying for feature film funding.

What you have to do 

You will need to create a budget for your feature, find and deal with potential investors, allocate funds for marketing and implement your strategy to reach your audience. You will need to gain the necessary rights to use the script and any music in the film. You will also need to work out how funds may be split should the feature film make a profit. The Know How – Film Production resource will take you through some of these steps. 

Last updated: 
Wednesday, 11 December 2019