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Te Puna Ataata - New Zealand Film Heritage Trust

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In 2017, The New Zealand Film Production Fund Trust - known as the Film Fund - was repurposed as Te Puna Ataata, the New Zealand Film Heritage Trust.

The Trust is an industry-focused entity filmmakers can appoint to be the guardian for their films.  The Trust ensures film materials are preserved, and where possible, will bring the films into digital formats so they can continue to be seen by future generations.

Working together

Filmmakers can assign their film's rights to the Trust, or appoint the Trust to be their film's manager. The Trust works closely with Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision in their role as custodian of film materials and with the Film Commission to handle sales and distribution opportunities, and to distribute income generated.

Five trustees manage the trust, including two film industry representatives and one from the Film Commission.

The New Zealand Film Production Trust (The Film Fund) was a charitable trust established in 2000 to invest in large-budget feature films.

The films the Film Fund invested in were:

For further information about the Trust and the films it represents, please visit Te Puna Ataata website.

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Friday, 7 August 2015