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Distribution and Marketing

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We want to increase the number of people seeing New Zealand films, in cinemas and on other screens, both here and overseas.

Audience research

Ongoing audience research helps ascertain who is watching New Zealand films and where and how they watch them. We use research to extend our understanding of the audiences for New Zealand films beyond box office statistics.

We hold public test screenings for all the feature films we invest in, giving valuable insights to filmmakers and distributors before the film reaches a locked cut.

You will find reports on our audience research in the Resource Library.

Local distribution

We want New Zealand films to find an appreciative local audience through either a targeted release or a widespread campaign, whichever is most appropriate for the individual film.

We are responsive to changes to film distribution and understand that traditional distribution models may not be the best path for some films, and that self-distribution is challenging.

We are keen to see distribution targeted at the right audiences and the right-sized audience and offer a range of distribution grants to support films in finding and reaching their audience.

A list of local distributors is available here.

International festivals and markets

Film festivals remain an important platform for films, both locally and internationally. We present films to festival programmers and support filmmakers to travel to festivals where their films premiere.

Film Commission staff regularly attend key festivals and markets to meet with international sales agents and distributors, and to support filmmakers in the market. We facilitate sales agency relationships, using our experience and connections to help filmmakers achieve the best possible outcomes for their films.

Information about key film festivals can be found in the Resource Library.

Last updated: 
Wednesday, 13 July 2022