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Accessing the 5% Uplift

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International Productions that qualify for an International Rebate may be eligible for a 5% Uplift.

Recently announced changes - effective from 1 November 2023:

Full details to be published in October 2023. For further information please contact the Head of Incentives via

Streamlined process

  • The new process for productions applying for the 5% Uplift will be simpler to navigate and provide more timely decisions.
  • Applications will be considered by the New Zealand Screen Production Rebate Panel, using clear and transparent criteria. Productions previoulsly had to be invited to apply and have a proposal assessed by a separate Significant Economic Benefits Verification Panel. These steps will be removed.
  • The New Zealand Film Commission will continue to be the first point of contact for this process.  

Updated points test

  • Productions will need to achieve 40 points from a possible 85 points available. The points relate to clear and objective criteria in the test.  
  • The test provides more flexibility for productions to choose which activities and sections of the test to focus on, reflecting the unique nature of different projects. 
  • Updated criteria will clearly explain what activities are required and what level of activity. In particular, there is more clarity in the test on innovation, infrastructure and tourism and screen destination promotional activity.
  • Policy criteria for the updated test is available on the MBIE website.

New or strengthened criteria

  • Specific skills and training requirements will be included in the updated criteria, targeting workforce development at different career stages. 
  • There will be points relating to the appointment of Māori into cast and crew positions.
  • Sustainability criteria has been introduced in the new points test, supporting the shift to a low-emissions economy. A sustainability plan will be mandatory.
  • In addition to points for past activity there will now be points for sequels or episodic content. Points are also being introduced for leasing studios into the future demonstrating commitment to future repeat activity in New Zealand.
  • Some criteria will be removed, including the total production budget spent in New Zealand and the inclusion of New Zealand characters and settings.
  • Mandatory requirements will include a minimum Qualifying New Zealand Production Expenditure threshold of NZ$30 million per production, and sustainability plan. 

Review of the updated Uplift test

  • There will be a check-in after one year to make sure the changes are working smoothly.
  • There will be a regular assessment of the 5%Uplift every 3 years so it remains current and reflects the government and screen sector’s priorities. (This does not mean another review of the New Zealand Screen Production Rebate, but every 3 years an opportunity to assess the benefits being delivered and the value generated for New Zealand through the 5% Uplift.)

Note: PDV Productions will continue to be ineligible for the 5% Uplift.

Updated Criteria will be published as soon as possible before 1 November 2023. Applicants should continue to refer to the current NZSPG Criteria for International Productions dated 1 July 2017 (Updated 2019) in the meantime.

Last updated: 
Friday, 8 September 2023

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