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The Industry Organisation Core Support Fund provides core operational support for various industry guilds and screen organisations to continue to make a vital contribution to our film industry. This funding helps support these organisations to build networks, develop capacity and deliver a wide range of services for their members and the wider screen industry.    
This funding may be committed for up to two years.  

The NZFC invites applicants to apply for a grant of up to $85,000 per financial year, for up to two consecutive years.   

Please note, due to the contestable nature of this funding, it is unlikely that all successful applicants will be granted the full amount available (being two grants of $85,000 for two consecutive years). We recommend applicants apply for what they need, and not just the capped amount.   

This funding will be open on an annual basis.   

Who can apply 

To be eligible to apply, an applicant must be:  

  • A screen sector organisation, guild and/or collective that is registered in New Zealand; and,  

One of the following:  

  • A membership and/or talent development focused organisation that supports writers, directors, producers, actors, HOD’s or crew; OR  
  • a Māori representative body that supports the development and progression of Māori talent and advocates for the Māori Screen Sector; OR  
  • a diversity and inclusion focused organisation that addresses the needs of underrepresented communities in the screen sector;  

In accordance with Te Rautaki Māori strategy the NZFC currently recognises Ngā Aho Whakaari - the Māori Screen Legacy Collective, as our strategic representative partner. Funding for this partnership is administered through Te Rautaki Māori. For any enquiries regarding representation of Māori practitioners and their kaupapa, please contact the Rautaki Māori team via email on  

You cannot apply for funding if you have any overdue contractual or reporting obligations to the NZFC.  

What we fund 

  • Operational and administrative costs;  
  • Advocacy work;  
  • Providing membership legal support, advice, and referrals;  
  • Being an information resource, with a local and international perspective.  

The fund does not cover:  

  • Costs already funded by third party financiers or investors; OR  
  • Costs for capital expenditure.  

How to apply 

Please read the guidelines at the bottom of this page.

Apply using the 'Industry Organisation Core Support Fund' application form. Please note, only applications submitted through the online portal will be considered. 

You can invite team members who also have an account to collaborate on the application. Please note, only one user may edit at a time.  

If you are using the online application portal for the first time, be aware there can be up to a 24 hour wait while we approve your account. However, in most cases the wait will be much shorter than this.​ 

What you need

Apply using the online application portal at

Apply now  
It is important you provide as much information as you can to help us make a full and fair assessment. Incomplete applications will not be considered.   
Applications must include:  

  • Confirmation that you are an eligible organisation as described in the criteria above, including who the services are targeted at;    
  • A short history of the organisation and details on how it meets the eligibility criteria (see the Who Can Apply section of these guidelines). If available, include links to a website; Details on the track record of the organisation and evidence there is a need for the services the organisation provides;  
  • Details on how the organisation’s services are accessed (online, in-person for talent across New Zealand, in- person for talent based in Auckland and/or Wellington);  
  • A schedule of anticipated core activity and key events for the organisation for the period for which you are applying (please provide a detailed plan for the first year and if applicable for the second year.)  
  • An annual budget for the organisation for the period for which you are applying (one or two years) including details of any other funding support, investment, and income;  
  • Anonymised demographics of the organisation’s membership, staff, and board members;  
  • Copies of the organisation’s annual accounts from the last three financial years (if applicable);  
  • Evidence of timely reporting to NZFC and/or other public sector funding organisations (if applicable);  

How does your organisation support the goals as set out in the NZFC Statement of Intent? 

  • Evidence that the organisation and its core business aligns with the NZFC to achieve its vision, mission, and goals;  
  • Evidence that your work aligns with the NZFC’s strategic priorities; including Te Rautaki Māori and Diversity & Inclusion Strategies. This should include a proactive commitment to supporting Māori and underrepresented communities including the organisation’s policy, strategy or guiding principles that illustrate this and any partnerships in place with written confirmation from the partners. In the absence of this, please provide the organisation’s strategy to engage with and support Māori and underrepresented communities in the sector.  
  • Evidence of how the organisation’s core business contributes to the overall sector’s development, growth, and sustainability; 
  • A commitment that, if successful, the organisation will work with the NZFC and the other organisations that receive funding in the development of a more robust, cohesive, and sustainable screen sector; 
  • If applying as a membership organisation, evidence of membership growth, or in the absence of growth, a strategy for increasing membership;   
  • If applying as a talent development focused organisation (i.e., not a membership organisation), details of the impact of the organisation’s programmes which are focused on writers, directors, producers, actors, HODs (Head of Departments) or crew and ongoing demand for programmes. 

Please feel free to get in touch before making an application, as we can offer helpful advice and guidance. You may email:  Talent Development Executive Nia Phipps at 

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